Homeowner’s Hell


Created On: Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009, 8:26 PM CST

DALLAS – Trumped-up charges, excessive interest, intimidation, and threats of foreclosure: that is what lawsuits filed by some residents claim is happening at a north Dallas condominium complex they say has become a homeowner’s hell.

Russell Hoff bought his condo at Casa Blanca Condominiums in 2007 thinking it would be a great investment. Instead, he says, it’s been a curse. “It’s been hell,” says Hoff. “You don’t even want to come home.”


Linda Pearson says she was dealing with the deaths of both of her parents when she got her $3,294.00 assessment. “I told him I’ll pay you $1000 now and work out the rest when I get back,” says Pearson. “He said, ‘No problem. I’ll just foreclose on your unit,’” Pearson told FOX 4. Pearson paid up. But the threat of foreclosure is real.

The Board had sent letters to owners demanding internal inspections of all units, stating they must have “matching appliances” that are “aesthetically pleasing,” “walls must be painted without cracks or bubbles,” “countertops must be without cracks or bubbles,” and “shower tiles must be clean” or the owners could be fined $200 a day.